Book Review: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen


Josey Cirrinni recieves some unexpected help with a problem she didn’t realize she had and meets Chloe Finley in the process helping her as well.  So far i have read 3 of Sarah Addison Allen’s books and have not been disappointed.

Another book filled with friendships and magic. Imagine a book appearing next to you on the couch addressing a problem you might not even realize you had! Chloe and Josey help each other with their problems another’s mind is set at ease allowing her to move on to the next step in her journey.

Josey turned her head as her bedroom door began to open. Then, in a small act that changed everything, Josey reached over and pushed the closet door closed as her mother entered the room.

Josey’s decision that morning set in motion things that she could never have imagined.

i was not surprised at the end of the book when the final outcome was reached, but getting to that outcome made for a wonderful story.

You can find out more about Sarah and her books at her website:


Book Review: The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen


Welcome to Walls of Water, North Carolina

From the second paragraph of this book, i was hooked.

If anyone had been paying attention to the signs, they would have realized that air turns white when things are about to change, that paper cuts mean there’s more to what’s written on the page than meets the eye, and that birds are always out to protect you from things you don’t see.

This is a story about a small town, lifelong friendships and the secrets that both of these can help keep and  expose.

As Paxton Osgood is bringing new life back to a centuries old home the secrets of those who lived there are unable to remain secret.

Family history uncovers enlightening and at times troublesome information, that will forge new friendships and open the way for major changes in the lives of Paxton and Willa Jackson.

i was quickly dragged into Walls of Water and didn’t want to leave when i turned the last page.

The mysteries were solved, but i was left wanting to know more about the people and the town.  It made me question what it means when i make my coffee every morning since i rarely take it the same way twice in a row  and why the birds sometimes gather in my backyard.  i will always think of this story and especially Grandma Georgie when i eat a peach.  I hope you will love the town and its people as much as I did

i will definitely be picking up some more of Sarah’s books soon

you can find out more about Sarah and her books at her website:

The Mother Road by Jennifer Allee


What a great book.  2 sisters 12 years apart in age, embark somewhat reluctantly on a road trip from California to Illinois

Learning that their mother’s Alzheimer’s is progressing and each at a crossroads in their own lives, they set off across Route 66  to visit their parents learning about each other and themselves as they go.

They further explore their family relationships after arriving home, neither knowing what the next step in their lives should be.

I really enjoyed this book, the places on Route 66  brought back memories for me as well as the idea of going home, my current home is in California but I grew up in the midwest. So I can imagine without much prompting a similar trip, I even have a sister a decade younger than I am.

  • Print Length: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Abingdon Press
  • Genre : Christian Fiction
  • 5 out of 5 bookmarks

Book Review – The Defective Amish Detective Books 1 & 2

The Whoopie Pie AffairThe Defective Amish Detective – Volume 1 – The Whoopie Pie Affair by Mark Miller and Giovanni Gelati

Hawaiian shirted detective “G”, is a surprising leader in the search to recover the missing snacks.  You never know what he do or say next.

Intercourse Boondogle

The Defective Amish Detective – Volume 2 – The Intercourse Boondogle by Mark Miller and Giovanni Gelati

The Defective Detective and his Amish friends are back to break up a crime ring in the Pennsylvania town of Intercourse.  Can they find out whodunit in time?

Look for a surprise cameo by everyone’s favorite purple haired girl and her mom  🙂

these are short stories , approx. 30 pages, there are more volumes planned.

Publisher – Helping Hands Press

Book Review – A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

By Fannie Flagg

By Fannie Flagg

A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

Oswald T. Campbell doesn’t have long to live according to his Dr. in Chicago and is encouraged to find a warmer place to live out his last days.   The Dr. provides a brochure for a hotel in Lost River, Alabama.  Oswald decides it won’t hurt anything and heads south.  During his stay he meets some fine characters, his landlady, the sisters next door, a redbird named Jack and many more, all making a mark on his life as he does theirs.  Suddenly, Campbell  the little orphan named after the can of soup he was found with, has what some would call a family. When a little girl named Patsy arrives in town she steals everyone’s heart and causes quite a few changes for everyone

This is a very nice Christmas read with a little surprise at the end.

I have been a fan of Fannie Flagg for years, and this book doesn’t disappoint.

Other books by this Author that I have read: