Day 10 | Jan 10 | 1 o’clock


1 o’clock

at one today we ran to the Smart and Final store on my lunch break to get some baking supplies, my daughter runs a little cupcake bakery and has an order to be delivered tomorrow evening, so we needed to grab some stuff to bring her ingredient inventory back into shape.

sadly i am on a diet that eschews delicious cupcakes so i will not be the primary taste tester this time.

i also need to say that every time i see the C&H logo a little song starts going through my head…” C&H.. pure cane sugar, from Hawaii, sweetened by the sun’

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4 thoughts on “Day 10 | Jan 10 | 1 o’clock

    • yup, i am keeping her company while she gets them done, no rush since they don’t have to be delivered until tomorrow evening, so we will bake today and frost in the morning

  1. Love the beautiful and artful cupcakes .. but only to look at – but I love to eat them naked, don’t like icing.
    Was in a cupcake cafe – in Chicago, never seen anything so beautiful cakewise as those cupcakes.

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