thank goodness for moonlight

Friday Fictioneer

Wrapped like a mummy, nothing visible but a nose. Rustling sounds outside keep us awake.  We know it is nothing dangerous, a chipmunk or squirrel, but the sounds are foreign, just enough to keep us alert. Time passes, a few whispers, a few giggles, a shush from the next tent over.  The cold seeps in the tent flap, we scoot together to stay warm. Oh no! The cold… We have had too much soda as we reveled in the freedom of the first long summer camping trip of the year.  Thank goodness the moon lights our way into the trees. to see more photo prompt fiction!


26 thoughts on “thank goodness for moonlight

  1. Beautiful … the moon had a massive impact on my life since I was a child. Somebody has said that … I sleep in moonlight and kisses – isn’t that wonderful. My post regrading the moon – if you’re interested –, have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thank you, that balance between trying to stay in the warm sleeping bag and knowing when you just couldn’t wait any longer was a fine fine line 🙂

  2. Really fun piece. I loved camping with the Girl Scouts as a child.And I remember giggling with my best friend under the covers with a flashlight.

  3. How fun was this?! It brought back memories of camping out, reading comics with a flashlight and eating jawbreakers at midnight. Thanks Tara!

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