toy or collectors item :P you decide

so i stopped in across the street at an estate sale the other morning.. and my eyes quickly found this…

a lovely old singer

i was told by the guy running the sale that it works, and for $20 i was more than willing to take that chance.

a little googling and i now know, it is a Singer Slant-o-Matic Special (Designed for modern, functional and decorative sewing)  it appears to have been manufactured in the early 60s

.. but whatever, i think it is absolutely adorable.  i just plugged it in and lo and behold the needle did just what a sewing machine needle should… it moved up and down!

it uses something called fashion discs which did not come with the machine, but appear to be available for a modest amount on various websites, and i got a copy of the manual online as well (who loves the internet? i love the internet, i do, i do, i dooooo)

and how can you go wrong with this


2 thoughts on “toy or collectors item :P you decide

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